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Plat & Pricing

   Lot 1         4.03 acres         SOLD                       Lot 28    3.94 acres   SOLD
   Lot 2         3.28 acres         SOLD                       Lot 29    3.24 acres   SOLD
   Lot 3         3.33 acres         SOLD                       Lot 30    3.17 acres   SOLD
   Lot 4         3.54 acres         SOLD                       Lot 31    3.19 acres   SOLD
   Lot 5         3.63 acres         SOLD                       Lot 32    3.20 acres   SOLD
   Lot 6         3.78 acres         SOLD                       Lot 33    3.19 acres   SOLD
   Lot 7         3.84 acres         SOLD                       Lot 34    3.16 acres   SOLD
   Lot 8         3.85 acres         SOLD                       Lot 35    3.12 acres   SOLD
   Lot 9         3.17 acres         $18,500.00             Lot 36    3.13 acres   SOLD
   Lot 10       3.57 acres         SOLD                       Lot 37    3.28 acres   SOLD
   Lot 11       3.55 acres         SOLD                       Lot 38    3.64 acres   SOLD
   Lot 12       3.10 acres         SOLD                       Lot 39    3.52 acres   SOLD
   Lot 13       3.26 acres         SOLD                       Lot 40    3.34 acres   SOLD
   Lot 14       3.25 acres         SOLD                       Lot 41    3.16 acres   SOLD
   Lot 15       3.23 acres         SOLD                       Lot 42    3.29 acres   SOLD
   Lot 16       3.25 acres         SOLD                       Lot 43    3.28 acres   SOLD
   Lot 17       3.37 acres         SOLD                       Lot 44    3.34 acres   SOLD
   Lot 18       3.14 acres         SOLD                       Lot 45    3.34 acres   SOLD
   Lot 19       3.13 acres         SOLD                       Lot 46    3.39 acres   SOLD
   Lot 20       3.12 acres         SOLD                       Lot 47    3.31 acres   SOLD
   Lot 21       3.11 acres         SOLD                       Lot 48    3.29 acres   SOLD
   Lot 22       3.10 acres         SOLD                       Lot 49    3.29 acres   SOLD
   Lot 23       3.08 acres         SOLD                       Lot 50    3.53 acres   SOLD
   Lot 24       3.02 acres         SOLD                       Lot 51    3.05 acres   SOLD
   Lot 25       3.12 acres         SOLD                       Lot 52    3.12 acres   SOLD
   Lot 26       3.53 acres         SOLD                       Lot 53    3.08 acres   SOLD
   Lot 27       3.18 acres         SOLD                       Lot 54    3.04 acres   SOLD


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These are Protective Covenants that mus be followed when purchasing a property that is bound by these Protective Covenants.

  • No loud noises shall be permitted, such as to disturb the neighbors in the area, noise may be defined, but not limited to loud music, autos, motorcycles, ATV's, boats or any other motorized vehicle.
  • No accumulation of discarded personal effects, debris, waste, garbage or other unsightly object or matter will be permitted on any lot.
  • Campers or motor homes shall be allowed to be lived in up to six (6) months only if the buyer is in the process of preparing the property for a house to be built or to move a mobile home on to the property.  If the above process takes more than six (6) months the seller may extend the time as long as improvements continue to be made to the land.
  • Any modular or mobile home placed on a lot must be no older than ten (10) years from the date of placement, and must be underpinned within six (6) months of placement with brick, stone or masonry or such material approved by the developer.
  • Any home that is going to be relocated from another location to this property must be approved by the developer prior to placement on this property.
  • No junk vehicles or parts of the same shall be permitted on any lot that is in view of any neighboring property or in view from a public road.  Junk vehicles are defined as any motor vehicle parked or placed on any lot that is not registered or licensed.
  • No dwelling shall be located nearer than seventy-five (75) feet from the fronting road.
  • All structures erected shall be completed within one (1) year of when work begins.
  • Timber may not be harvested on any property where owner financing was utilized, and there is still a balance owed to seller, without the prior permission from seller.  Any proceeds from timber harvesting during the time a balance is owed shall be paid to seller as a principal reduction payment on the loan.
  • No temporary house or shack shall be erected (permanent storage building is allowed).
  • The seller reserves the right to give variances and exceptions to these restrictions from time to time
These Covenants are in addition to any  other government authority zoning ordinances..